Meet our team!

Amy Lynn






Amy Lynn has been studying and reading the tarot for over a decade. She came across her first deck in a local book store, which sparked a curiosity that turned into a hobby, that grew into a business now known as (Momma Tarot) .

She is an intuitive interpretive reader using her gift of claircognizance, and vast knowledge of the tarot card meanings to separate fact from fiction. Amy works with her clients to uncover the truth by using the tarot for guidance, self-improvement, clarity, and understanding.

In addition to being a reader, Amy teaches tarot classes/workshops, and organizes the Tarot Lovers Meetup group at the studio. She believes everyone can learn the art of tarot reading and wants to share this insightful divination tool that she holds sacred.

The Healing Heartbeats Drum program and circle is also led and facilitated by Amy. She helps clients find their inner rhythm through the ancient tradition of drumming. She offers private sessions as well as seasonal group drum circles at the studio.

Amy looks forward to working with you no matter where you are on your spiritual journey of self discovery.


Assistant Studio Manager


My name is Mischelle, I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. My reiki journey began in February of 2019, my love and desire for using and sharing essential oils began 2015. I’ve always had a desire of a holistic approach to my lifestyle. I have come to realize that my true life passion is to help guide others to heal within. I truly love what I do and feel that I am healing alongside you in this journey. I look forward to future healing and energy sessions.



Laura left her career as an award-winning music teacher to share her healing talents with others after witnessing firsthand the amazing results of Sound and Reiki Healing Modes. She is a certified Vibrational Sound Practioner and Sound Healer as well as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Laura wishes to inspire and connect you with these magical techniques to help your mind, body, and spirit, no matter where you are on your journey!



Carrie began her journey towards sound healing and Reiki several years ago when, after a work injury, she found that traditional medicine did not completely solve her ailments. Having originally studied Usui Reiki under Rebecca Black, she has now been a Reiki practitioner for 2 years, incorporating aromatherapy, crystals, and sound meditation into her sessions. She’s eager to work with you on your own journey of personal care and health.

In her free time she enjoys practicing self defense techniques, target practice, yoga, meditation and sharing her interests with her two teenage daughters.



Brianna is a 2017 graduate from The Orion Institute located in Perrysburg, OH. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic Massage, and she also provides Reiki, Hot Stone, and Cupping Therapy. She continuously expands her knowledge to be able to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a spread-thin mother, or an overworked employee, Brianna wants to improve your life by helping you reclaim your body and sanity!


Spiritual Reader Coach

Jollé is a psychic medium, an empath, divine feminine goddess, and a spiritual coach. Her readings focus on past lives, soul purpose, connecting to ancestors and guides, soul evolution, clearing karmic and ancestral debts, and teaching about how to utilize natural resources provided by the earth to bring peace and harmony into your life. She will also focus on helping children fine tune their gifts and provide them with the tools necessary to feel free to practice and become their highest vibrational selves.

She looks forward to connecting with new clients, friends, and helping lift the collective vibration one being at a time 🙏

Namaste, Asé, Blessed be 🔮💫


Palm Reader/Medium

She is an intuitive with mediumship abilities. She was born with her abilities but blocked them as a teenager after having a scary experience with something dark.

In 2006 she experienced a trauma in the loss of her younger brother, which activated her clairvoyant abilities. She started seeing angels. She would go to other intuitives and they would tell her that she has gifts and should be a reader. During the last 13 years she has been learning and growing her abilities and have also found new ones. She now offers palmistry, tarot/oracle, and mediumship readings. She can also hold an item or picture in order to connect to those that it belongs to.

Megan would love to meet you and help you on your journey.


Guest Event Reader

This talented and powerful lady frequents the studio as a guest reader and will be coming on board to teach classes as well.

Meet our vendors!


Created by Sara

Crystal Vendor

Meet Sara! Know as The Enchanted Virgo.

Sara is a high vibing, crystal, reiki, tarot lover and witchy practitioner . She provides us with hand selected earthy treasures. All crystals, minerals and gems are lovingly selected by her and all are ethically sourced. She is forever admiring treasures from our mother earth. She loves helping others select and find the right crystals to incorporate into their daily practices and healing journey.


Created by Lisa

Meet Lisa! She is the owner and artist behind LMMADE419.

She loves to create fun, whimsical and thoughtful provoking artwork. She is inspired by my family, good books, traveling, nature, vibrant colors/patterns, and things that make her belly laugh!

Lisa creates unique handmade items such as hand stamped jewelry, nature inspired crafts, personalized gifts, and other mixed media & scrap artwork. She designs unique pieces using new materials, as well as repurposing finds by incorporating them into my artwork. She always strive to make high-quality, affordable items.

She is dedicated to following her artistic passions. She is continuously improving methods, techniques & ideas each time she creates. She takes pride in every step of the process and She wants her customers to be in love with every purchase. She is committed to getting it right.


Created by Rebecca

The Perfect Match Candles create beautifully scented, affordable candles and wax melts, founded by Rebecca Tokar, a stay-at-home mother to two children. We guarantee the perfect match, every time. Rebecca has created a magick intention candle line exclusively for the studio. Currently there are 8 scents/intentions to work with.

*Rebecca (right) pictured with employee Justice (left)

Dawn’s Rock Garden

Created by Dawn

Dawn lets each rock’s characteristics influence what it will become as she uses intricate designs and over two decades of experience to hand-paint the world around her, one piece at a time.


Created by Mischelle

Mischelle creates our aromatherapy line in the studio. Using the finest essential oils and natural botanicals. She also creates the resin art designs in the studio, along with crystal bracelets, earrings, clay pendants, and our famous moon hair don’t care accessories!

She wears many hats at the studio, you more than likely can find her tending the shop and creating designs right from the couch in our parlor.

Finnished Endz Studio

Created by Chris

Chris is our CBD vendor for creams, tinctures, and also our new CBD Pet line.

She also lends her expertise by teaching class at the studio in Reiki and offers Ear Seed workshops.


Handmade by Aubrey

Black Salt by Carrie

Shadow dweller Digital Art by Tyler

Prints and Creepy Cute Bunnies by Lacey Meggitt Art

Painted Furniture by Brittany

Handmade Cards and Gifts by Pam

Sewing & Embroidery creations by Candy

Andy’s Antiques & Vintage

Sarah’s designs from Country Creek Greenhouse

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